Monday, March 9, 2015

Girlie Peed's 70th Birthday Celebration

By DJ Scott Shaw - Scott Shaw Productions - Myrtle Beach, SC

Girlie's daughters, Felicia & Angela, hired Scott Shaw Productions for the entertainment for their mother's surprise birthday celebration. It was a ball! My wife Xandria handled the photo booth, and I prepared a special video slide show for them that was shown on my 7' video screen. The highlight of the evening had to have been when Girlie's grandsons hit the stage to lip-sync "My Girl", complete with rehearsed choreography! After the event, I got Felicia to send me some of the videos that people shot on their smartphones, and then combined the videos, the soundtrack, and some of the photos that the photographer, Carl Kerridge Photography provided for me into one complete presentation. It was a touching moment that was rewarded with a standing ovation!

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