Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Day In The Life Of A Wedding DJ

 Sarah & Darryl Detrick - March 12, 2016

The morning of Sarah & Darryl's wedding day begins with a cup of coffee while I review the details of the day to come.  I double check the music they've chosen, go over their timeline, and think about all of those special little details that have come up in my conversations with Sarah.  I load up the van, complete my equipment check list, and I'm now ready to make my way to another wedding day celebration.
 It's a little after 1:00 when I arrive at the venue.  Cheryl, the wedding planner, and her crew are hard at work making sure that everything looks just right.  As usual, Cheryl has it all under control, with all of the answers about any detail that you might want to know.  As I begin setting up my DJ equipment, I have the pleasant feeling that this is going to be a very good day.
 Soon after my sound check, the photographers, Sharon and her husband Guy stopped by my DJ station.  We went over a few details about photos and activities, and we were ready for the wedding ceremony.  And what a perfect day for an outdoor wedding it was!  the sun was shining, but not too bright.  It was the perfect degree of warm, with just the slightest breeze imaginable.  The kind of breeze that's just enough to keep you cool, but not enough to mess up your hair.  In a word ... PERFECT!
 Today's wedding is at the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & spa at Grande Dunes, and it's a fantastic venue all around.  Great food, great staff, and an absolutely beautiful place.  they have a stunning courtyard right next to the ballrooms, and that's where today's ceremony is taking place.  Benjy Simmons is the officiate, and he performs a beautiful ceremony, as usual.  For the cocktail hour, the guests get to stay and enjoy the courtyard with its spectacular view of the ocean, accompanied by the special selection of music that Sarah had chosen for her guests.  Sarah has also chosen to do a Top Ten List, (one of my favorites!), so I begin circulating through the crowd in search of the "Top Ten Reasons That Darryl & Sarah Are Made For Each Other."  The way it works is this ... I encourage the guests to write down their best reason that explains why the bride & groom are made for each other, and then narrow their answers down to the best ten to create a cute little presentation that's given before the toasts.  It's always a lot of fun, but tonight's Top Ten List is especially entertaining.  It is such a great group!
 After the Toasts are said and the cake is cut, it's time to bring the lights down, turn the music up, and get this party started!  The vibe in the room is perfect this evening, and everyone is on the dance floor ... the kids, grandparents, and everyone in between.  As I look out over the room full of people smiling and having fun, I have to smile to myself. The scene that I see perfectly captures the reason for my presence in this moment, and I can't help but think: "I'm glad that I am here!."

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